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What more are you capable of?

Let’s find out. Any biohacker knows that to truly take control of your body’s output, you need to first control what is input — beginning with what nutrients it receives. This is why Nutrigenomics are a fundamental part of the biohacker’s arsenal. And why they are our passion.

Biohack your healthspan

When Big Pharma told an entire industry to zig, we zagged. Now we’re using a groundbreaking new
science called Nutrigenomics to help people biohack a healthier life. By studying the effects of nutrients
and natural compounds on our genes, we’re creating scientifically-backed products that support
cognitive health and promote healthy aging on the cellular level.

Our Nutrigenomic products support the body’s natural cellular function by targeting the main
biochemical effects of aging, issues like oxidative stress, natural mitochondrial deterioration and more.
By awakening your body’s ability to rejuvenate itself on a massive scale — whether by up-regulating
your genes’ ability to produce their own antioxidants, your cells‘ ability to produce mitochondria, or your
guts’ ability to regulate bacteria — we’re helping you stay on top of the aging process while delivering
the mental clarity and overall well-being you need every day to get the absolute most out of life.

The first person to live to be 1,000 years old is certainly alive today… whether they realize it or not, barring accidents and suicide, most people now 40 years or younger can expect to live for centuries.

Famed Cambridge University Geneticist

We agree with leading researchers that extending human life is inevitable. However, we believe that in order to truly enjoy extreme longevity, we need to biohack our healthspan.

This isn’t a future breakthrough — we have proof it’s happening now.

A recent study conducted by the Intervention Testing Program funded by the National Institute on Aging* discovered that Protandim® extended the median lifespan of male mice by 7%. It’s also been shown to reduce oxidative stress in humans by 40% in 30 days. We’re changing the view on aging.

Looking for evidence? So are we — and we’ve got mounds of it

As scientists, so are we — and we’ve got mounds of it. When your products work, the scientific community takes notice and comes to their own conclusions. Our products are tested in peer-reviewed published studies from laboratories across the nation.

Independently Researched at
  • Harvard University
  • Ohio State University
  • Louisiana State University
  • University of Colorado Denver
Studies Published in
  • Free Radical Biology & Medicine
  • The American Journal of Physiology
  • Circulation & Medicine
  • Enzyme Research

Scientific Advisory Board Members

Nancy Bryan, PharmD
Deborah Viglione, MD
Anti-Aging, Digestion
Melody Rodarte, DO
Weight Management, Skin Care
Rebecca Glasser, MD
Brett Brimhall, DC
Sveta Silverman
NRF2 Activation, Mitochondrial Health, Microgut Health
Sheree Gillespie, NTP, MS
Holistic Nutrition
Headshot of Shaun McKee
Shaun McKee, MD
Board Certified Neuroradiologist
Headshot of Lee Seward
Lee Seward, DVM
Headshot of Neil Goodman
Neil Goodman, MD, FAAP, FACPE

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